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HP check UEFI via iLo

1. Connect to iLO by CLI. 2. Type “dir /system1/bootconfig1” and example result is following

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Add repo RHEL6/7/8

add Repo on Satellite to the host: then login to the host yum update yum subscpiton-manager katello-agent subscription-manager repos subscription-manager repos –enable OE_Elastic_ELK_stack_Filebeat7 sudo subscription-manager repos –enable=OE_InfluxDB_InfluxDB_RHEL7_x86_64 yum install metricbeat-7.2.1 filebeat-7.2.1  

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VCS common stuff

UUID /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/ -clus -configureĀ node_a ODM cat /etc/vx/odm.config | grep START ODM_START=0 /etc/init.d/vxodm start GUI haconf -makerw hauser -add adminĀ  -priv Administrator VCS ERROR V-16-1-11502 IV value is NULL or not dumped in memory. VCS ERROR V-16-1-11399 Failed to create user. … Continue reading

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