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  DiskGroup_C.log:2027/05/23 19:23:12 VCS ERROR V-16-10031-1562 DiskGroup:dg_crfapdb_F03:online:Diskgroup [apdb_F04] failed to import with groupreserve option as scsi3pr is disabled. DiskGroup_C.log:207/05/23 19:23:12 VCS INFO V-16-10031-1563 DiskGroup:dg_crfapdb_F03:online:Enable the scsi3pr option and retry online. To enable scsi3pr run the command [vxdctl scsi3pr on] ¬†grep … Continue reading

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snmpwalk -v1 -c public

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Empty spaces…

find /proc/*/fd -type f -links 0 -exec ls -lrt {} \;

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